Attorney Katz Qualifies to Serve as Mediator Under State Court Administrative Office Requirements

Birmingham Firm Expands Practice to Include Mediation Services for Commercial Disputes and Civil Litigation

BIRMINGHAM, Michigan (May 27, 2015) - The Katz Law Firm announced today that its Managing Partner, Donald Katz, will serve as a qualified mediator under the State Court Administrative Office rules. In addition to his business practice, Mr. Katz will mediate civil litigation cases involving business transactions, shareholder and partnership disputes, and commercial controversies.

"In representing clients in mediation over the years, I have seen the benefits of mediation to clients first hand," says Katz, "business relationships can be the most valuable asset a company has, and mediation provides the best chance at preserving that relationship, which litigation generally cannot do."

Mediation has provided a less expensive mechanism for the firm's clients to resolve commercial disputes. The prospect of more commercially desirable outcomes caused the firm to make a conscious effort to support those organizations and processes that make business sense for its clients. Serving as a mediator furthers the firm's commitment to useful processes.

About Mediation

All civil cases in Michigan are subject to the alternative dispute resolution process. After consultation with the parties, the court can order that the case be submitted to mediation or another alternative dispute process available through the court.

Mediation is an informal conflict-resolution process brought before an independent, neutral third-party, the mediator. Unlike litigation or arbitration, the mediation process allows the parties the opportunity to discuss their issues, clarify misunderstandings, and search for common ground in a manner that is virtually impossible in a lawsuit. The parties are largely in control of the process themselves, so the result may be more palatable. Typically, the mediator does not impose a binding decision unless the parties agree to give the mediator such authority.

About the Firm

The Katz Law Firm delivers legal and advisory services to businesses, business owners and investors. Based in Birmingham, Michigan, the firm's attorneys serve clients on legal and tax issues arising from the ownership and operation of small and medium-size businesses. Prior to founding the firm, Donald Katz, its managing member, was counsel in the Combat Systems Group of General Dynamics Corporation. Mr. Katz has published articles on business law, e-commerce and tax policy. For more information, visit or call 248-733-4502.


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